Weight Room Policies

Respect the EQUIPMENT

  • Please use each piece of equipment for its intended purpose. Misuse of equipment may lead to serious injury. Photos and instructions provided on the equipment, or ask a weight room staff for help.
  • Weight equipment should not be slammed or used with unnecessary roughness. This is both dangerous and can damage the equipment.
  • Please wipe down your equipment after each use. Wipes or disinfectants are located throughout the weight room.
  • Please put away weights/equipment after use, and unload your plates from the bars. This creates a safer environment for everyone, and keeps equipment in best working order.
  • Please wear clean dry footwear into the weight room. Wet and dirty shoes can cause damage to our equipment.
  • The use of chalk is prohibited.

Respect the STAFF

  • All weight room staff are certified and have your safety in mind. Please respect their instructions.
  • Respect staff’s professional space. The staff desk, equipment and staff only room are for staff only.
  • Please carry your membership card with you. Staff may ask at any time to see your card. 
  • Please speak to staff respectfully if you have any questions or concerns; they would be happy to help!

Respect the PATRONS

  • Cursing and vulgarities are not acceptable. This is a public facility; Please use clean language.
  • Use of cell phones for texts and phone calls while using equipment is not recommended. This can be dangerous and can also cause frustrations to other patrons waiting to use the equipment.
  • Taking photos or videos in the weight room is prohibited.
  • Share equipment as needed between sets. Do not monopolize multiple pieces of equipment.
  • Please use headphones to listen to your music. Speakers or external music sources are not allowed.
  • Appropriate dress is required; this includes shirts and indoor shoes at all times.

The Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre is a place for all people to come together and enjoy a safe facility. Please respect this etiquette. Otherwise, consequences up to and including, warnings or pass cancellations can occur. For further information please see the Pass holder Terms & Conditions.


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