Fitness Descriptions

Water fitness

Water fitness classes are a great way to stay active and mobile, with minimal impact on the joints. The water simultaneously supports the joints while offering resistance to movements that helps build strength and endurance. Water fitness classes are a great option for many people including the actively aging population, individuals recovering from surgery, or cross training for athletes. Buoyancy belts and foam water weights are available on deck for use for all water classes. 

Aquafit: Water aerobics class with high and low intensity exercises including jogging, some basic swim strokes, plus water suspended exercises for a total body workout. This class uses foam water weights to build strength too. 

Aqua Bootcamp: Combines water running and aqua fitness moves with foam weights for resistance training, for a high intensity workout without the impact on the joints. 

Aqua Dance: Uses many high and low intensity exercises from aquafit but adds a little dance pizazz! Move to the music and get a great work out while you’re at it. 

Aqua Yoga: A combination of easy-to-follow, low-intensity aquafit exercises and relaxing yoga stretches. Fun, mood-lifting music enhances positive energy and a feeling of well-being. 

Cardio Strength H2O: This class uses cardio intervals and foam weighted exercises to challenge your cardio and muscular stamina and strength. 

Deep Water: This class is done in the deep end of the pool and utilizes buoyancy belts to keep you suspended. Being suspended in the water can increase the intensity of the movements, as well as strengthening your core. You can expect both cardio and strength exercises in this class. 

Gentle Fit: This class is similar to our Aquafit class, but the movements are done slower and there is less impact on the joints because your feet generally stay planted on the pool floor. 

Rise and shine Aqua: This is a regular aquafit class that runs earlier in the morning. 

Warm Water Workout: This class is low impact and slow motion. Great for people wanting to improve their mobility, as well as those with previous injuries or chronic pain. These classes use light foam weights and focus on stretching and motion in shallow, warm water. 

Land fitness 

Our fitness instructors are professionally certified and received on-going training in order to keep current with exercise knowledge and trends. They will make you feel welcome and will provide lots of options for modifications so that everyone can have a safe work out. They are approachable and caring, and strive to make sure that you learn something new and have a great experience. 

Ballet Barre Toning: A rhythmic and fun total body toning class. This class uses the ballet barres and light weights to challenge muscular endurance and to improve core strength and balance. No previous experience with ballet necessary. 

Calorie Blast: A cardio intensive class that uses body weight and some light equipment for a full body work out. The class will keep you on your toes by incorporating cardio circuits and interval training. 

Cardio & Core: This class features intervals of high intensity cardio, paired with a variety of core exercises that target back and abdominal muscles. 

Cardio & Tone: A great combination of cardio conditioning (30 minutes) and muscle toning (30 minutes) to give you a full body workout. The class will utilize various training equipment, including a step for cardio, and is designed to accommodate all fitness abilities. 

Full Body Strength: This class will improve your muscle strength and endurance for all major muscle groups in the body. It is a full head to toe challenge that incorporates different equipment and keeps the body wondering what's coming next! 

Lower Body and Core: Keep your weekly exercise schedule moving right along with this mid-week leg and core burner. This class focuses on strengthening the lower body muscles and core using weights, bands and powerful movements. 

Morning Muscle: Delivers a full-body resistance training work out using weights, body bars, and body weight that is time efficient and will get your day off to a great start! 

Muscle Toning: This class starts with a full body warm up and then moves into targeted muscle conditioning exercises. You'll learn how to effectively do each movement to get the best benefit and improve your strength. 

Sit and Fit: Workout class done in a chair. This is great for people with mobility issues who still want a good workout. The class is low impact uses a variety of equipment including weights, bands and balls, and drumming sticks! 

Step: This class uses an elevated platform (a step) where the height can be tailored to individual needs. Step to the beat following an instructor, break a sweat and have a great time. 

Strong by Zumba: Uses fast-paced music and choreography to match music and movement. It is a high intensity workout that hits every muscle in your body. 

Step: Get your heart pumping with this cardio class. You will use an adjustable step to do different moves and combinations. Just follow the instructor and bring your energy!

Upper Body and Cardio Intervals: Start your week off right with this quick class that combines upper body strength exercises using weights, bars, and bands with cardio intervals to improve your heart health. This class pairs perfectly with the Lower Body and Core workout.

Weekend Fix: Kick off your weekend with this upbeat class that combines cardio, free weights, and body-weight exercises to provide an effective sweaty full body workout. Great music and lots of smiling faces is sure to get you motivated to get into the gym on a Saturday morning! 

Women on Weights: Taught in a small setting, this class focuses on educating women on how to execute safe and effective weight training exercises. This class offers modifications for all levels of fitness. 

Zoomer Fitness: Lower impact and slower movements, this class is geared for seniors or people who want to exercise at a bit lower intensity. Using body weight, bands and light weights this class provides a full body workout. 

Zumba: Latin dance based class that involves moving to the music to get in a great cardio workout. The class is fast paced but there are no wrong moves in Zumba! 

Yoga and pilates fitness

We offer a various types of yoga and pilates classes. Yoga mats, blocks and straps are provided for all yoga classes, or you can bring your own. 

Yoga: Safe, low-impact poses and sequences to improve balance, strength, and flexibility, while decreasing stress and improving overall wellness. No experience necessary; many options provided for participants of all levels and abilities. 

Mindful Mobility: A low impact, mobility-focused workout designed to improve joint function and overall well being. Learn practical awareness of the mind-body connection, mobility drills and stretches that will leave you feeling re-energized. 

Pilates: Core workout that uses free body exercise, as well as sometimes incorporating stability balls and gliding discs. It is slower paced with a focus on controlled strength and good posture. 

Yogalates: Blending yoga and Pilates into a single workout. Focus is on core exercise and full body stretching. 

Yogaflow: This class combines held postures with a movement-inspired vinyasa flow to provide you with a great distressing, energizing yoga workout. If you are familiar with yoga, you’ll definitely enjoy this faster-paced flow. New to yoga? Don’t worry, just let the instructor know and they will be sure to slow it down and assist with modifications as needed. 

Spin fitness

Our state-of-the-art spin bikes are easy adjust for maximum comfort and provide a smooth ride. They have electronic screens that read your resistance levels, cadence, speed, and kilometers traveled. Instructors use these numbers to help guide your work out to make it personalized and efficient. For all spin classes we recommend arriving 10-15 mins early to allow time to set up your bikes. 

Beginner Spin: This class is a great intro to spinning. The instructor will teach you how to set up your bike and how to use our state-of-the-art stationary bikes to control resistance and cadence (or RPM's). The instructor will guide you through basic intervals sets, with adequate recovery periods. 

High Intensity Spin and Core: This class will take your spinning to the next level! During this class, participants will be challenged to work at higher intensity short intervals and then given time for active recovery. The final 20 minutes of class will focus on core specific exercises to strengthen your abs and back, and help improve your posture.

Spin: This class is a great cardio workout while also creating minimal impact on the joints. You will go through a variety of interval drills such as sprinting and climbing. You can adjust the resistance on your bike to customize your work out towards achieving your personal goals. 

Spin and Tone: 30 minutes standard spin and 30 minutes body toning exercises with a special focus on the core. This allows you to get in both a cardio and resistance exercise in the one class. 

Spin, tone & stretch: This is a 75 minute class that includes 40 minutes of spinning intervals, 20-25 minutes of muscle toning that utilizes body weight for upper body and core strengthening followed by 10-15 minutes of stretching exercises that are particularly important to spinners and cyclists. 

Dryland training fitness

The Dryland Training Room is host to all of our circuit-style classes. In these classes you move from station-to-station using all different kinds of equipment to achieve a great full body work out. Your instructor will show you how to do each station and time your intervals, as well as offer modifications to ensure everyone has a successful workout. 

Hit 'Em High Interval Training: a great beginner class to get familiar with the dryland training room, or for seniors wanting to try something different from traditional fitness classes. 

Synrgy Bootcamp: cardio, strength, and core training. 

Synrgy Circuit: cardio, strength, and core training. 

Total Body Interval: cardio, strength, and core training. 

Work It Circuit: cardio, strength, and core training. 

Drop in Hours Available: during these designated hours the dryland training room is available for use for those with valid fitness passes or daily admission. You are welcome to use the equipment to design your own workout in a semi-private space. Please swipe your pass at the front desk before entering the dryland room. You may need to ask the front desk to open the room for you, as it is kept locked otherwise.


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