Fitness Descriptions

Water Fitness 

Aquafit:  Standard aquafit class with weights and cardio (lap swimming) as well as stationary work. Buoyancy belts and weights are available on deck for use for all water classes.

Aqua Dance:  Some of the same moves as regular aquafit but with a Latin dance theme. More music and more cardio with less lap swimming and weights. 

Aqua Yoga:  Slower movements and no impact. Using popular yoga moves while being in the water, good for stretching and relaxing. 

Cardio Strength H2O: This class uses the resistance of the water to challenge your cardio and muscular stamina and strength.  Through intervals and foam weighted exercises, you'll get all the benefits of a workout, without the impact on the joints.

Deep Water:  Uses some of the same moves as standard aquafit but runs in the deep end of the pools and contains more lap swimming as well as being slightly more intensive. You are floating during the whole class so there is no impact on the joints, recommend wearing a buoyancy belt. 

Gentle Fit:  Gentler aquafit with less impact and slower movements. 

Rise and shine Aqua:  Standard aquafit class, run earlier in the morning with weights and cardio (lap swimming) as well as stationary work. Option of working in the deep or shallow end

Warm Water Workout: This class is low impact and slow motion. Great for people with mobility issues or injuries. These classes use light foam weights and focus on stretching and motion in shallow water. 

Land Fitness

Ballet Barre Toning: A rhythmic and fun total body toning class.  This class uses the ballet barres and light weights to challenge muscular endurance and to improve core strength and balance.  No previous experience with ballet necessary.

Calorie Blast:  Cardio intensive class that sometimes involves circuits and interval training. Uses free body exercise, weights, and bands for a full body workout. 

Cardio & tone: Don't have a lot of time for the gym? Try this class! It offers a great combination of cardio conditioning (30 minutes) and muscle toning (30 minutes) to give you a full body workout. The class will utilize various training equipment and is designed to accommodate all fitness abilities.

Dynamic Cardio and Core: This class features intervals of high intensity cardio, paired with a variety of core exercises and target back and abdominal muscles.  This class also incorporates functional exercise movements that improve balance and flexibility through the trunk of the body.

Hit 'em High Interval Training: This is a high intensity class that features intervals of cardio bursts and plyometric challenges.  Intervals are timed and many options are given so that this class is accessible to all fitness levels.  Come prepared to work!  This is a great way to start off the week by sweating out the weekend!

Mindful Mobility: A low impact, mobility-focused workout designed to improve joint function and overall well being. Learn practical awareness of the mind-body connection, mobility drills and stretches that will leave you feeling refreshed, re-energized, and ready to take on whatever the world throws at you!

Muscle Toning:  This class had both a cardio and muscle toning component. Free body exercise is used as well as weights, bands, and Bosu balls. The instructor will take you through a moderately intense program. 

Pilates: Core workout that uses weights and stability balls as well as free body exercise. Slower pace with focused and controlled movement. 

Power Yoga: This dynamic yoga class that flows through traditional yoga poses in a manner to increase cardiovascular endurance, and to build strength and flexibility.  The constant movement experienced throughout this class will challenge both body and mind.  Please bring your own mat and water to each class.

Sit and Fit: Workout class done in a chair. This is great for people with mobility issues who still want a good workout. The class is low impact and involves free body exercise and drumming. 

Step: This class uses an elevated platform (a step) where the height can be tailored to individual needs. Step to the beat following an instructor, break a sweat and have a great time. 

Total Body Tone: A total body strength workout using body weight as well as a variety of equipment.  This class is accessible to all fitness levels.

Yoga: Low impact free body workout that blends stretching with exercise. Slow movement set to soothing music, a great way to stretch, relax and get in a full body workout. 

Yogalates: Blending yoga and Pilates into a single workout. Focus is on core exercise and full body stretching. 

Zoomer Fitness: Lower impact and slower movements, this class is geared for seniors or people who want to exercise at a bit lower intensity. Full body workout focusing on free body exercise. 

Zumba: Latin dance based class that involves moving to the music to get in a great cardio workout. The class is fast paced but there are no wrong moves in Zumba! 

Spin Fitness

Beginner Spin & Tone: Curious about trying those popular spin classes? These classes are recommended and designed for those who are new to indoor cycling. The first half of the class will familiarize new riders on how to properly set up their bikes, spinning techniques and terms, and how to monitor exercise intensity. The second half of the class is designed to tone your body using dumbbells, bands and your own body weight. It's great for people who want a motivating workout where the exerciser is in control of their own intensity and pace. All levels welcome!

Energy Ride: High energy spin set to fast paced music. A great way to wake up in the morning, more advanced class. 

Spin: Indoor cycling run by an instructor who shows you the moves and puts you through a variety of different intensities and resistance, this class is set to music and is low impact on the joints. 

Spin and Tone: Half standard spin and half free body toning exercises on the mat. This allows you to get in both a cardio and resistance exercise in the one class. 

Spin, tone & stretch: This is a 75 minute class that includes 40 minutes of spinning work, 20-25 minutes of muscle toning that utilizes body weight for upper body and core strengthening followed by 10-15 minutes of stretching exercises that are particularly important to spinners and cyclists. 

Dryland Training Fitness

Synrgy Bootcamp:  A high intensity bootcamp class that is based around the Synrgy360.  Interval and circuit training are used to work your entire body and get your heart pumping.

Synrgy Circuit: A circuit class based around the Synergy360 equipment in the Dryland Training Room. Involves moving around different stations and doing a variety of cardio, weight, and free body exercise. 

Total Body Interval: Intense interval class. The instructor puts you through a variety of challenging exercises based around the Synergy360 equipment in the Dryland room. Involves circuit training, cardio and weights. 


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