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Financial Assistance Information:

It is important that the citizens of Brantford have the opportunity to access recreation and leisure services.  To help make this possible, financial assistance is available to applicants who qualify for most registered or drop-in programs and activities provided by the Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre.

Who can apply?

  • Any City of Brantford resident who may feel unable to pay the full participation fee.
  • Assistance is available for all ages. Some restrictions apply. 
  • Assistance is limited to two activities or programs per participant per session depending on funding availability.  Please note only two weeks per child of funding is available for summer day camps.

How do I know if I might be eligible for assistance?

Assistance is based on the income of all members of your family (before deductions), as well as the following:

  • the number of people in your family household
  • whether other assistance has already been provided for the current registration period
  • whether subsidy funds are still available for this session

What do I need to find out if I qualify?

When you request financial assistance, please provide the following information:

  • verification of income from all of your family's sources of income (recent pay stub(s), cheque stubs from government assistance, insurance benefit stub, income tax returns etc.).
  • drug benefit card that identifies the children in your care or child tax benefit form.

How do I pay?

  • Ontario Works and Ontario Disability clients receive 100% funding with appropriate documentation. Some restrictions apply.
  • Registrants who do not qualify for 100% funding must pay their portion of the program fees at the time of registration (see level of assistance chart below).
  • Payment can be made by Visa or Mastercard, debit, cash or cheque (payable to 'City of Brantford'). 
Levels of Assistance to families with Income between  $0 to $25,000
Family Size Gross Annual Household Income We Pay Customer Pays
2 $0 to $17,000 75% 25%
3 $0 to $19,500 75% 25%
4 $0 to $21,700 75% 25%
5 $0 to $23,000 75% 25%
6+ $0 to $25,000 75% 25%
Levels of Assistance to Families with Income between $17,001 to $38,032
Family Size Gross Annual Household Income We Pay Customer Pays
2 $17,001 to $23,213 50% 50%
3 $19,501 to $28,098 50% 50%
4 $21,701 to $31,409 50% 50%
5 $23,001 to $34,720 50% 50%
6+ $25,001 to $38,032 50% 50%
Levels of Assistance to Families with Income between $23,214 to $46,900
Family Size Gross Annual Household Income We Pay Customer Pays
2 $23,214 to $27,200 25% 75%
3 $28,099 to $33,100 25% 75%
4 $31,410 to $37,400 25% 75%
5 $34,721 to $41,700 25% 75%
6+ $38,033 to $46,900 25% 75%

For more information please call 519-756-9900.

Arnold Anderson Sport Fund 

Arnold Anderson Sport Fund (AASF) endeavors to ensure and encourage access of youth to sporting activities in the community. Financial assistance up to $350 is available to Brantford children and youth up to 18 years of age.  The grant is used to cover registration. Preference is given to children and youth being introduced to organized sports.  AASF covers both municipality programs such as swim lessons as well as community associated programs such as hockey.  To find out if you qualify and how to apply please visit the website (link opens in a new window). Please note that the AASF must be approved by the organization not the Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre.  The AASF approved paperwork can then be brought to the Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre staff for registration based on availability.

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