• What qualifications does your swimming/fitness staff have?
      ALL our staff are 1st aid, CPR and AED trained! Our fitness staff all have their Can Fit Pro Certifications and all lifeguards have their Lifesaving Society/Red Cross Certifications.

    • Do you offer skate sharpening?
      The privately owned College Source for Sports Pro Shop offers skate sharpening.  Visit the College Source for Sports Pro Shop website for current hours and information.

    • Does the arena have change areas?
      If you are renting the ice, a dressing room is generally assigned to your group. However, for public skating there are bleachers in which participants may change into their skates.

    • Do I have to wear a helmet on the ice?
      CSA Approved helmets are strongly recommended for everyone stepping on the ice. Adults included. Everyone should be encouraged to wear a helmet, as the ice is very hard and unforgiving when your head hits. Helmets are not mandatory for the general public yet but it is mandatory for our drivers & rink attendants as a part of the Health & Safety Act in the workplace.

    • Do you sell swimsuits or skates if I forget to bring mine?
      No, we do not sell or rent swimming or skating equipment at our facility. If an adult is accompanying a child on skates-skates are not mandatory.

    • Why do I have to purchase a fitness pass to attend an Aquafit class in the pool?
      Aquafit classes are taught by certified fitness instructors. They are considered fitness classes, as we have to pay for an instructor to run the program in the water.

    • Does the weight room or fitness classes have a dress code?
      We ask that our participants wear clean "indoor shoes" and comfortable clothing when attending classes or using the weight room and proper athletic shoes. No open toed shoes are allowed for safety reasons.

    • If I want a fitness pass only why do I have to buy a fitness/pool centre pass?
      We appreciate that not all customers who use our facility use our pool. Due to the set up of our change rooms we have included the pool pass FREE of charge to all Fitness Passholders. Customers are not paying extra to use the pool.

    • Does my membership get me into skating programs too?
      No, it does not but it is something we are looking into.

    • Does my pass include swimming lessons?
      No it does not. Swimming lessons require appropriate instruction from our qualified aquatic instructors and therefore must be charged for accordingly.

    • What do your lockers cost? Can I bring my own lock?
      We have small lockers, which cost 25 cents, and large lockers, which cost 50 cents. Our lockers are set up on a coin operated system and the do not allow for participants to bring their own locks due to the volume of patrons using our facility.

    • When I purchase a family swim pass and have more than 5 people in my family why am I penalized and have to pay more just because my family is larger?
      We have 1 lifeguard per every 30 or so people in the pool. Due to this we need to charge based on the number of people entering our facility. We try to extend the best price possible for all our customers. If you would like to pre-book a swim we offer 15% off on groups of 5 or more! Call for more details during operating business hours.

    • When I register for a program and it's full can my name be put on a waiting list?
      Absolutely! We are always looking for ways to accommodate our customers and get them into programs we offer. Often, based on the number of people waitlisted, we open more classes up.

    • Can my child wear a swim diaper or a regular diaper in the pool?
      For the safety of your child and the pool filters please put swim diapers on anyone not potty trained. The regular diapers are heavy when wet and weight your child down. Also, the absorbtion materials within the diaper can clog the filters making the pool less clean for everyone.

    • What is an orientation in the weight room?
      Everyone should take advantage of our FREE orientations! They are approximately 45 minutes in length and a certified instructor will take you through the weight room and show you the equipment, how to use it, and how much weight would work best for you. This is not a personal training session however. If you are looking for someone to design a workout that suits you to a tee then inquire about the cost of a one on one personal training session today!

    • Why do I have to wait to go on the pool deck until the beginning of a public swim?
      According to the Health Regulations, access to the pool deck is prohibited until qualified lifeguards are ready and prepared to supervise the area. In many cases our staff are instructing right up to the start of the swim.

    • What is the busiest time in the weight room?
      That's a hard question to answer. We try to have enough equuipment for everyone and we offer sign up sheets for the treadmills, elliptical and stairclimbers so that people have a minimum time slot of 30 minutes to enable someone else to have a turn. Most of the time it isn't an issue. We do notice however that attendance is increased Monday and Wednesday's from 8:00 am-12:00 noon.

    • Do you offer a towel service?
      No sorry.

    • We are having a family reunion and wondered if we get a discount if we come as a group to swim?
      Yes, we do offer 15% off on groups of 5 or more but the group needs to be pre-booked. Call to inquire more information during operating business hours.

    • If I have a contagious illness such as the flu, how long should I wait before coming to the centre?
      When you are no longer showing any symptoms and feel ready to return.

    • Do you have a sauna?
      Yes. It is open during all swim times!

    • Do you supply lifejackets and/or flutterboards?
      You are welcome to use our lifejackets and flutterboards provided you put them back prior to leaving. We also have other toys for toddlers and teens. Inquire more when you come in for your next swim!

    • Are the activity classes drop in classes or do I have to sign up somewhere?
      Some programs at the facility are registered classes which means you are required to sign up for the class and pay for the class prior to attending it. Most of our classes, however, are drop in with paid admission.

    • May I wear a t-shirt and shorts in the pool?
      Yes, as long as you are wearing a bathing suit underneath the t-shirt and shorts and the shorts are not any type of cut off's due to the hems/strings getting trapped in our filters.

    • What is a family change room?
      This is an ideal change area for family's and parents with opposite sex children. It also includes change tables and large lockers.

    • What services and/or programs do you have for people with arthritis?
      We offer a variety of gentle water exercise programs. Each of these programs are taught by certified instructors and will help those dealing with arthritic pain.

    • How is the pool cleaned?
      Our 65 m pool are cleaned with the help of a Diatomaceous Earth Filter System.  The 25 m Pool, hydrotherapy pool and and the warm water therapy pool is cleaned by cartridge filters filled with perlite.  All pools are disinfected with gas chlorine. At night we have an auto vacuum cleaner called "MAX" who cleans the bottom and sides of the pool while we sleep.  In addition the pools are inspected on a regular basis by the Brant County Health Unit Inspectors.

    • What is the temperature of the pools?
      The 65 m & 25 m pool is 82-84 degrees, warm water therapy pool is 94-96 degrees and Hydro Therapy Pool is 96-98 degrees.

    • Are pets allowed into the facility?
      Only registered service animals are allowed to enter the facility due to pool Health & Safety Regulation

    • What is your refund policy?
      A full refund will be issued for classes cancelled by the Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre. No administration fee will apply in this case. Customers requesting a program refund will be accommodated if received a minimum of 5 days prior to the start date of the program. Administration fees of 15% or $25 (whichever is less) would apply. After this time, a refund will be considered up to the third class of a session for medical or compassionate circumstances only. Refunds will be prorated based on the number of classes already taken and the administration fee will apply. A medical note may be required.

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